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Da Vinci Code

The legend of the Holy Grail conceals an ancient secret. Enigmatic mysteries, secret passages and hidden clues… Will you be able to figure it all out and find your way, or will the mystery remain unresolved for evermore?

Only with a keen eye for detail and a tactical approach, you will be able to succeed.

Use all your senses well and stay focused. Only then you might unravel the mystery and win this race against time.

  • Very suitable for children as well.
  • More hands-on games than brain games. Communication and cooperation are key to Escape the Da Vinci Code.



If you consider to enter Alcatraz, please remember it was thought to be America’s strongest, escape-proof prison.

After the miraculous, arguably successful escape by Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers, Escape Uden took over Alcatraz and upgraded its security level.

This time in an unexpected, even more succesful way. We have implemented a variety of techniques and puzzles to keep you and your partners in crime behind bars.

You only stand a chance if you are attentive, keep your nerve and take full advantage of everyone’s talents.

Will you be able to escape from Alcatraz?

  • Combination of hands-on games, brain games and skill games.
  • Good division of tasks and cooperation are very important. This is why we recommend this room for teams of at least 4 people.
  • This room is suitable for people with disabilities, however not wheelchair accessible (due to a step).

The Bank

You did it!! You have cracked the code of the maximum security vault of the bank. Gold, jewelry, diamonds and paintings… Everything is yours for the taking.

Will you be able to take up the loot and get out before the guards return???

Do you like to rack your brain and are you in for a challenge? Then the Bank is a good choice for you.

With some good detective work, this just might become a succesful escape.

  • Very suitable for children as well.
  • Wheelchair accessible.
  • Combination of brain games and hands-on games. Communication skills and attentiveness come in very handy.

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Meer dan 8 personen

Komt u met meer dan 8 personen, dan kunt u in onderstaande tabel zien wat dan de kosten gaan worden.

Komt u met meer dan 32 personen, dan kunt u het beste contact opnemen per mail of telefoon.

U kunt op locatie per pin of contant betalen. Per creditcard is helaas niet mogelijk.

Aantal personenDoordeweekWeekendAantal kamers
3 personen€ 66,00€ 72,001 kamer
4 personen€ 80,00€ 88,001 kamer
5 personen€ 90,00€ 100,001 kamer
6 personen€ 96,00€ 108,001 kamer
7 personen€ 105,00€ 119,001 kamer
8 personen€ 112,00€ 128,001 kamer
9 personen€ 170,00€ 188,002 kamers
10 personen€ 180,00€ 200,002 kamers
11 personen€ 186,00€ 208,002 kamers
12 personen€ 192,00€ 216,002 kamers
13 personen€ 201,00€ 227,002 kamers
14 personen€ 210,00€ 238,002 kamers
15 personen€ 217,00€ 247,002 kamers
16 personen€ 224,00€ 256,002 kamers
17 personen€ 282,00€ 316,003 kamers
18 personen€ 288,00€ 324,003 kamers
19 personen€ 297,00€ 335,003 kamers
20 personen€ 306,00€ 346,003 kamers
21 personen€ 315,00€ 357,003 kamers
22 personen€ 322,00€ 366,003 kamers
23 personen€ 329,00€ 375,003 kamers
24 personen€ 336,00€ 384,003 kamers
25 personen€ 393,00€ 443,004 kamers
16 personen€ 402,00€ 454,004 kamers
27 personen€ 411,00€ 465,004 kamers
28 personen€ 420,00€ 476,004 kamers
29 personen€ 427,00€ 485,004 kamers
30 personen€ 434,00€ 494,004 kamers
31 personen€ 441,00€ 503,004 kamers
32 personen€ 448,00€ 512,004 kamers