If you consider to enter Alcatraz, please remember it was thought to be America’s strongest, escape-proof prison.

After the miraculous, arguably successful escape by Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers, Escape Uden took over Alcatraz and upgraded its security level.

This time in an unexpected, even more succesful way. We have implemented a variety of techniques and puzzles to keep you and your partners in crime behind bars.

You only stand a chance if you are attentive, keep your nerve and take full advantage of everyone’s talents.

Will you be able to escape from Alcatraz?

  • Combination of hands-on games, brain games and skill games.
  • Good division of tasks and cooperation are very important. This is why we recommend this room for teams of at least 4 people.
  • This room is suitable for people with disabilities, however not wheelchair accessible (due to a step).